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5 startling statistics about car accidents

Car accidents are so common -- you see evidence of them every week. Maybe you come up behind a recent accident or get stuck in the traffic backup it creates. Maybe you see an ambulance or firetruck tear by on the way to a crash scene. Maybe you just see the skid marks in the grass, ending at a broken treeline, and you know someone crashed.

Even so, the statistics themselves can be striking. Here are five that help to shed some light on what causes so many accidents.

Didn't get enough sleep? Don't get behind the wheel while drowsy.

It's pretty common for people to go to sleep too late and to get up too early. With children, work, school and other activities to keep you busy, there may not seem to be enough hours in the day for everything you want to do and the eight hours of sleep you need.

Unfortunately, not getting enough sleep has the potential to cause you to get into a serious car accident. When you don't sleep enough, you're as dangerous as someone who is drunk behind the wheel.

4 eating and driving statistics you must know

The restaurant business, at least when it comes to fast food, seems specifically created to cater to eating and driving. Yes, technically speaking, you can hit the drive-thru and then go home to eat. But how many times do you simply want to eat while you drive?

Maybe you're running late for work in Little Rock and you need that precious morning cup of coffee. Maybe you're heading back home after a long day at the office and you can't sit through the entire 60-minute commute without something to eat. Aren't these situations exactly what the drive-thru is for?

Teens are distracted in 6 out of 10 accidents

You're heading to work when a teen driver flies by you in the other direction, staring down at her phone as she drives. You shake your head and keep going. At the next intersection, the car ahead of you doesn't move when the light turns green, the young driver looking back and talking to his friends in the back seat. Then, as you slow to turn into your parking lot, a car full of teens with the music blaring rear-ends you. As you get out of the car, wincing in pain, you notice that the driver of the smoking vehicle behind you is already posting a picture to Instagram.

If that series of events sounds unrealistic, even for reckless teen drivers, you should know that studies have shown that distracted driving among teens is much more widespread than anyone realized.

3 most common types of distracted driving

You drove home after a long day at work thinking nothing of the commute. You had only a few miles to go when a driver came seemingly out of nowhere and collided with you. Just before the car accident, you noticed the driver was turned away, seeming to look at something on the seat instead of the road ahead. That distracted action was a choice, and it's one that has now left you with injuries.

Distracted driving causes thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries each year. In fact, in 2014, 3,179 people died in distracted driving accidents. Another 431,000 were hurt in crashes related to distracted driving.

Rush hour commuters should watch for distracted drivers

While most motorists drive appropriately in rush hour traffic, some don't take the steps necessary to remain safe. Instead, they take risks that put everyone on the road in a dangerous position.

As a rush hour commuter, it's important that you never become distracted while you are behind the wheel. Along with this, make sure you watch for others who may be distracted.

Car accident checklist: Here's what you should do after a crash

Most Little Rock drivers have their heads filled with so many things while they're on the road. If you're a busy mom, for example, you have a lot of issues on your mind and you're probably struggling to fit them all into your schedule.

Throw a car crash into the mix of a busy mom's schedule and you've got the perfect recipe for losing your wits. Whether you're a busy mom or not, you might want to keep a copy of this car accident checklist in your glove box as it could prevent you from overlooking important details if you're in a car accident.

What not to do if you've been involved in your first car accident

If you're involved in a motor vehicle accident, there are a few things you need to do. Unfortunately, if you've never been in this position in the past, you may not have the first idea as to which steps you should take.

First things first, your health is top priority. Even if you do nothing else, make sure you examine yourself for injuries and get professional medical assistance if need be.

What to do if you are involved in an accident with a truck

Car accidents happen. They are a leading cause of injury and death across the country, and when there is a substantial discrepancy between the size of the vehicles involved, the risk of severe injury or death for those in the smaller vehicle increases.

If you or a loved one has been injured or if you have lost someone due to an accident with a professionally driven semi truck or eighteen wheeler, you need experienced legal representation. This will ensure that your family's financial stability and future won't be compromised due to someone else's professional negligence or mistake.

Insurance claims after an accident

After a car accident, victims have a lot to worry about, from physical injuries to medical bills to unpaid time off from work and insurance negotiations. Working with the insurance company can be difficult. It is important that you receive a fair settlement that will cover the cost of damages and injuries; this means you may need to be prepared to negotiate.

Don't be fooled.

Once you file your claim, an insurance agent may contact you offering you a settlement. The offer may seem generous, but you need to consider the total cost of your injuries. Oftentimes the insurance company will offer to pay for your medical treatments upfront. This means that they may want you to agree to a settlement right away, before the full extent of your injury is determined.

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