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Aggravated assault charges often result from an argument that spiraled out of control. In many cases, one party misunderstood or was seeking revenge from the other for their disagreement. It isn't fair that the results of one decision - or perhaps a false accusation - could seriously impact your life for a long time.

The attorneys at Dodds, Kidd, Ryan & Rowan are dedicated to make sure your voice is heard and your rights are protected. If you've been charged with aggravated assault, we will listen to your story with compassion and help you navigate the complexities of the legal process. We are committed to protecting your constitutional rights, your freedom and your future.

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Offering Defense You Can Trust, Beginning With Your Right To Silence

If you have been arrested for aggravated assault or any criminal offense, it's important to say as little as possible until you get an attorney. A charge isn't a conviction and the things you say trying to talk your way out of the situation may be used against you. Instead, seek an experienced attorney who can work with you to create a strategic plan based on facts and an assumption of innocence.

There are many ways we can defend you against an aggravated assault charge. It's common for assault accusations to start as disagreements, so you may have been acting in self-defense, may have been provoked or may have been intimidated into action. The lack of an eyewitness or insufficient evidence may also be effective defense strategies against aggravated assault charges.

No matter how your assault charges came about, we can help you. With proven success at trial and a reputation for reliability and persistence, you can trust our legal team to create a strong defense for you.

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