Defending You Against Conspiracy Accusations

Criminal Defense

If you've been accused of conspiracy to commit a white collar crime or another criminal offense, a skilled legal team is your first line of defense for retaining your rights. The attorneys at Dodds, Kidd, Ryan & Rowan are compassionate, experienced and accomplished representatives who can create the solid defense you need. Based in Little Rock, we also serve clients throughout Arkansas.

We Use Facts To Fight Cases

A conspiracy charge can accompany drug crime charges, violent crime charges, or even other white collar-crime charges . However, several factors need to be proven to bring about a conviction. For example, the prosecution generally must prove that you made an agreement for an unlawful purpose with knowledge and intent. However, many actions that may be cited as evidence - whether someone is or is not conspiring to commit a crime - are legal.

The prosecution may attempt to make hotel reservations, phone calls and car purchases that you made sound suspicious, but we won't let them get away with it when there is no proof these actions amounted to conspiracy.

From your first meeting with us, we will work hard toward the goal of getting your conspiracy charges removed, no matter what your situation is. Whether or not you face other criminal charges, we will defend you vigorously against allegations that you conspired to commit a crime. We don't accept illegitimate claims by prosecutors, and we will not let them get away with accusations that lack clear evidence. We will be the advocates you need to help clear your name.

Get Your Defense Underway

When you face conspiracy charges, a prompt defense can often make the difference in your case. Call 877-885-8839 or complete our simple intake form to schedule a consultation with a defense lawyer.