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When it comes to family law, it is absolutely critical to keep children in mind during transitions.

Arkansas courts set up child custody guidelines based on the best interests of the children. As such, the courts encourage joint legal custody (barring extenuating circumstances) if both parents can agree. This gives each parent input and authority to help make decisions about raising the children. Many times, one parent will have primary physical custody while the other will have visitation rights.

Regardless of the issues, we are ready to take more than 90 years of combined experience to help you work toward the child custody scenario that works best for your family.

We at Dodds, Kidd, Ryan & Rowan encourage clients to work as collaboratively as possible on these issues so that they can maintain the most control over outcomes. While we can aggressively go to court, litigation results in a court's decision, not your own.

Your Role In Your Child's Life Counts In Custody Decisions

While there is no predisposition to a mother or father in these cases, custody is determined by the role each parent has in his or her children's lives. We can work on custody modification and relocation/move-away cases, but it is worth noting that to successfully modify, the party requesting the change must demonstrate a material change in circumstance. Successfully contesting a relocation can be difficult as the court strongly favors the custodial parent who is relocating.

As with all family law issues, your situation is unique and we encourage you to reach out to one of our attorneys so we can help you better understand your rights.

Our team of lawyers represents clients in Little Rock and throughout Arkansas.

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