Anesthesia Errors

Medical Malpractice

Catastrophic injuries suffered at the hands of a trusted medical professional change lives. Victims and their family members are left with an uncertain future and want justice.

At Dodds, Kidd, Ryan & Rowan, we fight for the rights of our clients by holding anesthesiologists accountable for their negligence and medical malpractice while fighting to maximize compensation on our clients' behalf.

Little Rock Attorneys Holding Negligent Anesthesiologists Accountable

An experienced anesthesiologist plays an important role during surgery. The safety and comfort of a patient should come first in the administration of anesthesia. The anesthesiologist must ensure the proper amount of anesthesia coupled with continued monitoring of the patient's vital signs.

Anesthesia errors can take many forms, including:

  • Over sedation/ Under sedation
  • Incorrect medication
  • Allergic reaction by the patient
  • Insufficient oxygen supply caused by poor intubation
  • Failure to respond to a patient who stops breathing
  • Failure to maintain blood pressure

Whether injury was caused by a nurse's oversight, a surgeon's negligence or poorly operating equipment, the consequences of anesthesia errors can be devastating and range from breathing difficulties to brain injuries.

From the moment we take on your case, we will attend to every detail and focus on maximizing your compensation. Our investigations involve the expertise of seasoned medical professionals. They provide in-depth insight into the level of negligence that occurred and the extent of the injuries suffered.

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