Failure To Diagnose Cancer

Medical Malpractice

An early cancer diagnosis can make a significant difference in making a total recovery. Many of those suffering from cancer may have put off a checkup. Yet others find themselves suffering advanced stages of cancer because of a doctor's negligence in identifying the disease.

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If your physician skipped steps in diagnosing cancer and your condition worsened, take immediate action. Contact the medical malpractice attorneys at Dodds, Kidd, Ryan & Rowan. Our attorneys are committed to securing compensation for you as they have done for their fellow Arkansas residents.

Complaints of discomfort, pain or other symptoms should be taken seriously. Doctors need to ask the right questions and order the appropriate tests. Once lab results come back, timely analysis with a foundation of skills and knowledge should lead to an accurate diagnosis.

Our Insight Is Invaluable In Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases

Victims of negligence face serious, yet avoidable challenges. Timely intervention could have increased their options for care and prevented a fatal prognosis.

Medical malpractice cases involving a failure to diagnose cancer are complex and challenging. Our legal team enjoys a network of seasoned and industry-respected medical experts who help us get to the facts. Their insight helps us conduct in-depth investigations and pursue injury claims with a focus on maximizing compensation.

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