Knee & Hip Replacements

Medical Malpractice

Knee and hip replacement surgery is complicated, requiring the care of a skilled surgeon experienced in this type of implant surgery. Following the operation, recovery time is lengthy as a patient must adjust to the new device and go through intensive rehabilitation.

As with any surgery, you are placing your trust in the physician performing the operation. When dealing with knee and hip replacement devices, you also trust the manufacturer of the implant to make your life easier, not cause further pain and complications.

Arkansas Medical Malpractice Attorneys Committed To Justice

At Dodds, Kidd, Ryan & Rowan, we are committed to securing compensation for clients victimized by surgical errors and defective medical products. We hold negligent parties accountable for our clients' losses by building fact-based medical malpractice claims with the help of seasoned medical experts.

With an increase in hip and knee replacement surgeries nationwide, complications caused by physician errors, surgical errors and defective products are on the rise. Post-surgical issues often require additional medical treatment and revision surgeries and include:

  • Metal breaks, fractures, and general wear and tear
  • Loosening of the attachment between the bone and device
  • Stiffness and infections
  • Instability following joint dislocation

Faulty Products Affect Your Knee And Hip Replacement Success

Specific knee and hip implants have been recalled following the discovery of significant problems. In response, surgeons stopped using the devices and the manufacturers recalled the faulty product. However, some implants remain on the market in spite of valid complaints lodged against those products.

Injury claims that involve defective products still on the market require us to take a twofold approach in our legal advocacy. First and foremost, we want to ensure justice for our clients in the form of compensation. In addition, we also seek continued improvements in medical safety standards that involve implants and other products.

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