Prescription Errors

Medical Malpractice

A common and preventable area of medical malpractice involves prescription errors. At Dodds, Kidd, Ryan & Rowan, we represent Arkansas residents suffering illness and injury due to medication mistakes and family members grieving the loss of a loved one over a medical professional's negligence.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Fighting For Your Financial Compensation

While all medication errors can cause serious damage and death, mistakes take many forms and include:

  • Incorrect dosage or wrong medication
  • Improper combinations of medications
  • Incorrectly filling prescriptions
  • Incorrectly labeled drugs

You have the right to expect that a doctor or pharmacist is adhering to basic standards of care. A complete medical history is needed. Clear communication with the pharmacist is equally important to identify the medication you need and the appropriate dosage. Falling short in any or all of those requirements can have catastrophic and deadly repercussions.

Pursuing Justice For You After A Prescription Error

While we cannot change past prescription mistakes, we can pursue justice for our injured clients or family members who have lost a loved one. Starting with an in-depth investigation in collaboration with medical experts, we get to the facts. We also identify the extent of the injuries or the impact on a family when a loved one dies due to taking the wrong medication.

Our diligent, detail-driven approach not only benefits our clients in the form of maximum compensation for medical malpractice, but it also puts the medical industry on notice to improve its standards and processes involved in prescribing medication.

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