Drunk Driving Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving drunk is a crime. A drunk driver may be held accountable by criminal penalties such as fines, jail time and license suspension, but he may also be financially accountable to those he injured. We bring civil claims against drunk drivers on the basis of their negligence and obtain monetary compensation on behalf of those who are injured.

The criminal process can only go so far in punishing a drunk driver for causing serious injuries or wrongful death. At Dodds, Kidd, Ryan & Rowan, we pursue justice on behalf of accident victims and strive to keep roads safe for our fellow Arkansas residents.

Be Wary Of Insurance Negotiators After An Accident

In the moments following a drunk driving accident, you need immediate medical care. In the hours and days following the collision, you need equally immediate legal representation. Insurance companies will not waste any time in contacting you. They want you to make a statement that, in turn, could be used to deny your claim.

Any money they do offer represents pennies on the dollar compared with what our attorneys can pursue in a drunk driving accident case.

Get The Compensation You Need If You Were Injured By A Drunk Driver

While insurers will strive to minimize your injuries and the money you are entitled to, we will fight to maximize your compensation and show the true extent of the damage done to you. Insurers are well aware of our reputation for not only negotiating millions of dollars for our clients, but also our willingness to go to court. If talks do not result in a satisfactory outcome, our trial lawyers are always prepared to litigate.

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