Handling Insurance Companies In Auto Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Victims of motor vehicle accidents are often overwhelmed by physical injuries, the stress of lost wages and the cost of medical care. One thing many accident victims are not prepared for is the negotiations with the insurance company agent. But these are critical to the overall compensation a car accident victim could receive.

Do not negotiate with the insurance company on your own after a serious accident. Let us help you. At Dodds, Kidd, Ryan & Rowan, we have more than 90 years of combined experience handling all types of motor vehicle accident claims for clients in Little Rock and throughout Arkansas. It is our job to get you get a favorable offer or take your case to trial.

The Problem With Insurance Settlement Offers

Immediately after suffering injuries in an auto accident, you will receive a call or hospital visit from an insurance agent who will likely offer you a cash settlement. The agent will probably seem kind and compassionate about your situation and the offer will likely seem generous.

The problem is that this type of offer will cover only your immediate medical costs. It will not come close to covering the full extent of injuries that linger during the months and years to come. Further, the conditions for accepting an offer of this kind usually involve waiving your right to bring a lawsuit at a later date, so when you discover that your costs are much greater than you originally thought, you will be without recourse.

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Allies After An Auto Accident

Do not talk to the insurance agent alone, and do not agree to a settlement without talking with an experienced lawyer first. We can look over your situation to determine what your case is really worth. If you have a good case, our attorneys will fight for you to get you the full measure of compensation you deserve.

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