Handling Difficult And Complex Truck Accident Claims

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have suffered serious injuries in a truck accident, you have a lot to deal with just in terms of physical and emotional recovery. Do not try to take on your legal case or negotiations with the insurance company alone. Make sure you work with an experienced team of lawyers who can advocate for you.

At Dodds, Kidd, Ryan & Rowan, we serve clients in Little Rock and throughout Arkansas. We handle truck accident and other motor vehicle accident claims. To every case we handle, we bring more than 60 years of experience and a reputation for winning.

We Help You Overcome Challenges After Difficult And Complex Truck Accidents

Truck accident cases involve numerous issues not often seen in other motor vehicle accident claims:

  • Aggressive litigation: Trucking companies and their insurance carriers usually have a lot to lose in these cases, and they are well-funded with tremendous incentive to defend these cases aggressively. It takes an experienced, poised team to beat this kind of defense.
  • Complex laws: Numerous state and federal laws govern the trucking industry. Knowledge of these laws is critical to success in major trucking accident litigation. Our lawyers know how to uncover logbook violations, negligent hiring practices, evidence of drug or alcohol use while driving and other causes of truck accidents that can create a winning case.
  • Catastrophic injuries: When a truck collides with a car, the results are usually catastrophic, even fatal. Our lawyers know how to investigate the evidence on scene and create a life-care plan that helps our clients receive full compensation for the injuries and complications that can plague accident victims their entire lives.

Our attorneys know how to handle catastrophic truck accident claims. We will represent your interests aggressively.

You Only Get One Chance To Hire The Right Attorney

With all of these challenges and potential pitfalls involved with truck accident claims and with all that is at stake, you cannot afford to hire an inexperienced lawyer to handle your claim. We use our experience, our knowledge and the professionals with whom we associate to handle all of the complex details of our clients' cases to put them in the best position to win.

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