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Understanding Arkansas law is important after an accident

If you have been involved in an accident in the state of Arkansas, it is likely that you will have some questions about gaining compensation for the damages that were caused. The aftermath of a car accident can be stressful, not least because of the experience that you went through. You may have bodily injuries and physical pain that may take some time to subside. In addition, damages to your vehicle might make you worry about your financial future.

It is important that you understand the state-specific laws that relate to car accidents. These laws will have a big impact on the way that you will be able to gain compensation.

Children are more distracting than cellphones when driving

When we are driving in a car, there are so many things that have the potential to distract us. So much emphasis is put on the way that cellphones can distract us from the road, and while this is true, it's only one part of the picture. In reality, we can be distracted by our own emotional state and the emotional state of other people in the car.

This is why studies have recently been conducted on how the presence of children in a car impacts safety. Children have heightened emotional states and they are highly dependent, especially when young. When the only adult in the car is driving and there are children in the car, their presence can be extremely distracting.

Should I file a product liability claim after a car accident?

Being involved in a car accident can feel overwhelming and scary. In addition to the medical issues that you may have to face, there are also many issues that need to be solved in regard to establishing fault and insurance claims. For many involved in motor vehicle accidents, the entire process might feel like too much to handle.

It is important that you take things step by step in the aftermath of a car accident. First, you should make your health a priority from the start. Those who suffer an injury as a result of a car accident are at risk of a delayed recovery or complications if they allow circumstances surrounding the accident to cause them worry and distress.

Putting a stop to all forms of distracted driving

Often when people think of distracted driving, they conjure up images of irresponsible people with no regard for others' safety on the road. However, the reality is that almost everyone engages in distracted driving to one degree or another at some point.

Distracted driving is not always reckless behavior. It is any act, behavior or circumstance that draws your attention away from the road and from driving. This could be your screaming baby in the back seat, or it could be your navigation system malfunctioning. Whatever the reason, distracted driving has the potential to cause dangerous situations on the road. This is why it is vital that you learn more about how to minimize distracted driving in order to be safer while driving.

Drunk drivers cause a large number of fatal and injurious crashes

Alcohol is a much-loved but often abused intoxicant that has a prominent role in our culture. Most people can't imagine a party or social gathering without some form of alcohol available. The popularity of alcohol is one reason that laws about impaired driving are so important. Between special educational focus on the topic during drivers' training and a constant stream of stories in the news, most people are acutely aware of the fact that driving after drinking is illegal.

Like all other states, Arkansas penalizes drivers who get behind the wheel after having consumed excessive alcohol or drugs. Sadly, the potential penalties and the risks to everyone on the road do not deter some people from deciding to drive drunk. These individuals put everyone else at risk, sometimes causing collisions that cause permanent injuries or even death for the occupants of the other vehicle involved.

Dealing with the emotional impact of a car crash

When you are involved in a car crash, it's likely that most people have asked if you were hurt physically, whether there was any damage to your vehicle, and who was to blame for the crash. But what is perhaps less common is for people to express concern about how the incident might have affected you emotionally.

It is common for people to suffer emotional trauma after a car accident, even if it was a relatively minor one. The intense experience can leave you fearing for your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Navigating no fault coverage after a car accident in Arkansas

When you are involved in an accident that caused bodily injuries in the state of Arkansas, you may be confused as to where to turn. Suffering an injury from a car accident or watching a loved one suffer in this way as the result of a car accident can be heartbreaking and traumatic. In addition to the emotional suffering, you may start to worry about the costs of medical bills, and whether these will be covered in full if the accident was not your party's fault.

Therefore, it is important to know the specific laws in your state, since car insurance coverage laws vary across the country. In the state of Arkansas, all insurance companies must offer you no-fault coverage by law. This means that the person whose fault the accident was will still be covered financially to a certain amount. This is a very important point, even if you were not to blame for the incident, because this means that the driver to blame, as long as he or she is insured, will be liable for your medical costs and other damages with the help of his or her insurance company.

Resolving car accident medical bills in Arkansas

Car accidents have the potential to turn lives upside down. When a serious accident occurs, it is common for catastrophic injuries to result, and these are often not resolved in only a few days or weeks. Medical issues that continue to persist long after the accident occurred can be problematic. They can affect the victim's quality of life as well as limit his or her ability to carry out meaningful work. The victim may need to apply for disability benefits as a result and may not know which way to turn in regard to paying off their medical bills.

If you have suffered injuries in an accident that caused you to deal with a wide range of medical problems — including emotional suffering — it is important to know that there may be legal ways to resolve your issue.

Texting is one of the biggest dangers on the road

With the modern, daily use of smartphones, texting, scrolling and browsing through our phones has become an addictive daily activity. For many of us, it can become almost impossible to resist reaching for our phones throughout the day, and this includes while we are driving.

Engaging in texting while driving, as well as engaging in any other form of distracted driving, poses real risks on the road. The leading cause of death for those in their teenage years is due to fatal car crashes, and many of these are caused by distractions while driving.

Rear end crashes can devastate victims — but are preventable

Serious car crashes devastate the victims and can make life after the accident very difficult. Some accidents are more common than others, so drivers should make sure that they aren't doing anything that might contribute to one occurring.

One common type of accident is a rear-end crash. These can lead to specific injuries, but are easily prevented if drivers just pay attention. Here are some points that all drivers should remember about rear-end crashes:

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