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April 2014 Archives

GM seeking to avoid liability for faulty ignition switch

General Motors has made a controversial filing in federal court, asking a judge to shield them from liability in about 50 class action lawsuits stemming from a dangerous product defect in vehicles that date back more than ten years. The defect in this case is the faulty ignition switch, which would become loose and shut off the car’s electrical system, causing essential safety systems like the airbags not to deploy. 

Facebook use may have led to surgical errors, death

An anesthesiologist who is a defendant in a current medical malpractice case is being accused of "distracted doctoring" to the point of failing to notice a patient's worsening condition during surgery. According to the allegations and some initial testimony provided in depositions, the doctor has posted to Facebook, sent texts, and checked emails in the past while in the operating room.

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