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December 2014 Archives

Large truck accident statistics

Many people in Arkansas are injured, sometimes fatally, in accidents involving large trucks every year. Because of the potential hazards large trucks can pose to other motorists due to their size and weight, the commercial trucking industry is highly regulated. Even given the extensive regulations governing the industry, however, many such accidents still occur.

Preventing common car crash injuries in Arkansas

Those who are injured in a car crash could suffer serious brain injuries, facial injuries or injuries to their lower extremities. The good news is that there are steps people can take to lower the odds of a serious injury. For instance, a passenger who covers his or her face could avoid facial scrapes or bruises that may be caused by flying glass.

Distracted driving and cell phones

Some Arkansas drivers may not realize how dangerous distracted driving can be. One study has shown that a person who is texting is 23 times more likely to crash than a person who is not texting due to distraction. Furthermore, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver distraction caused almost 20 percent of fatal crashes in 2010.

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