Symptoms and treatment for internal bleeding injuries

Arkansas residents who have been in a serious car accident or experienced a fall may have suffered severe trauma. In some cases, those injured in such incidents might suffer from internal bleeding, which may require immediate medical treatment if the injury is severe or it fails to heal on its own.

Those who suffer from internal bleeding may present a number of symptoms depending on where the injury occurred and the severity of the blood loss. For example, a patient's skin may turn to a deep shade of purple near the affected area if the injury is inflicted on the skin or soft tissues throughout the body, and continued blood loss might result in dizziness or fainting. Other common side effects include swelling and pain. These symptoms might appear in a patient's thigh if they suffered a fracture of the femur or in their abdomen if the trauma has affected their internal organs.

In order to test if internal bleeding is present and understand the severity of the injury, a health care provider may perform ultrasound or CT imaging tests. Treatment for internal bleeding can vary from observation, which involves allowing the injury to heal on its own, to surgery, depending on the type of injury. The use of blood transfusions or intravenous fluids may be used to correct or maintain a patient's blood pressure.

The testing and treatment process of internal bleeding caused by serious trauma suffered in a car accident can be expensive and time consuming. During the recovery process, the patient may be unable to work, adding an additional burden to their financial situation. However, in cases where another party caused a crash and the subsequent injuries, the injured victim might be able to recover financial losses by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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