Risks increase when drivers take their eyes off the road

Most Arkansas motorists know that driving while being distracted can be dangerous. However, many drivers still take their eyes off the road in order to check their cellphones or adjust their sound systems. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers should not divert their attention away from the road for more than two seconds. Researchers in a recent study conducted by the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety have noted that within that time span, a motorist who is driving at 70 mph will travel approximately 200 feet.

The researchers also found that it took time for the drivers' eyes to readjust to the roadway, even if they did so much as glance somewhere else for two seconds. This phenomenon was demonstrated in the study, where the researchers used eye-tracking equipment while having the participants drive in a simulator. The simulator put drivers in situations that were both hazardous and non-hazardous. Ultimately, the study found that drivers who glanced away from the road for two seconds were unable to react to potential hazards as effectively as those who maintained their focus.

Another issue that the researchers found is that drivers who glanced away still rated their performance highly. This indicated that the drivers may not have been aware of how much critical information they missed while driving.

Drivers who are impaired or distracted are more likely to cause motor vehicle accidents. A person who suffers an injury in a crash that appears to have been caused by the negligence of another driver may wish to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. An attorney can review the accident investigation report and other evidence to establish negligence when seeking medical costs and other damages on behalf of the injured client.

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