Hospitals as a source of sickness

An individual facing a stay in an Arkansas hospital may want to investigate the facility's ratings in terms of certain high-risk infections. Although hospitals are typically viewed as locations for healing, some conditions can increase the risk of coming into contact with dangerous superbugs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, twice as many individuals die each year from such infections than from motor vehicle accidents. In fact, nearly 650,000 individuals contract such infections after staying in a hospital.

One of the most important strategies for minimizing one's risk of getting such infections is to be an advocate for personal needs and concerns. For example, MRSA is a serious bacterial infection that is resistant to typical antibiotic treatments. Prompt treatment with vancomycin is important for addressing this infection. This bacteria has reportedly increased its presence in hospital settings because of the overuse of antibiotics. C. diff is another common infection that is contracted in hospitals. Its impact occurs after a patient's healthy intestinal bacteria have been killed off by antibiotics. A patient might want to verify the purpose of antibiotics being given in the hospital to ensure that they are actually necessary.

Some hospitals provide patients with special wash solutions to minimize the risk of contracting MRSA. They may also include pre-procedure directions related to not shaving, important for limiting any entry points for infection. This could reduce the potential for medical malpractice claims while also keeping the superbug at bay.

Proper hygiene and maintenance in a hospital are also issues that can contribute to high or low incidences of superbug infections. It is important to observe staff adherence to handwashing and other cleanliness protocols to ensure that IV lines and incisions are protected from the potential exposure to dangerous germs. Poor management of these issues might be construed as hospital negligence if an infection is later developed. An individual who believes they have been a victim of medical malpractice may benefit from consulting a lawyer.

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