U.S. PIRG lists potentially dangerous toys

Parents in Arkansas may want to be aware that some popular toys could be unsafe for their children. In December of 2014, the U.S. PIRG Education Fund posted a list of potentially dangerous toys.

Some of those toys may be dangerous for reasons associated with chemicals. A Dora the Explorer backpack has chemicals called phthalates at levels well above the allowed amount for toys. Since it is not classed as a toy, it may not fall under those regulations. However, the chemical has been associated with early onset of puberty and damage to the male reproductive system. Some rubber ducks also contain phthalates as do some Hello Kitty bracelets and hair clips. Chromium, a chemical that may cause allergic reactions and cancer, can be found in Jake and the Neverland Pirates tambourines at unsafe levels.

Choking hazards are another concern, and the Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Playset is a toy with small parts that U.S. PIRG says can be easily broken off and choked on. Another choking hazard is the Just Kidz Shopping Cart Playset. Magnets, including Buckyballs and Buckycubes, pose a hazard if swallowed because their attraction in the body can result in intestinal perforation. U.S. PIRG also warns against the Cherubic Cetacean because the batteries can be easily removed and result in internal bleeding if swallowed.

A parent whose child is harmed by a toy or other defective products may wish to consult an attorney. The manufacturer may be liable, and the parent may want to seek damages from the company. A number of issues may be considered such as whether the toy had been recalled. If many children are harmed, there may be a possibility for filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of all the families involved. In a product liability case, a company might also choose to settle out of court.

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