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November 2016 Archives

What to do if you are involved in an accident with a truck

Car accidents happen. They are a leading cause of injury and death across the country, and when there is a substantial discrepancy between the size of the vehicles involved, the risk of severe injury or death for those in the smaller vehicle increases.

Insurance claims after an accident

After a car accident, victims have a lot to worry about, from physical injuries to medical bills to unpaid time off from work and insurance negotiations. Working with the insurance company can be difficult. It is important that you receive a fair settlement that will cover the cost of damages and injuries; this means you may need to be prepared to negotiate.

Daylight saving time: An accident waiting to happen

A number of studies have concluded daylight saving time costs you more than an hour of sleep, with spring the most dangerous. When you set your clocks ahead, you are more likely to suffer a heart attack or car accident. Fortunately, those numbers drop in the fall when we gain that hour.

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