What to do if you are involved in an accident with a truck

Car accidents happen. They are a leading cause of injury and death across the country, and when there is a substantial discrepancy between the size of the vehicles involved, the risk of severe injury or death for those in the smaller vehicle increases.

If you or a loved one has been injured or if you have lost someone due to an accident with a professionally driven semi truck or eighteen wheeler, you need experienced legal representation. This will ensure that your family's financial stability and future won't be compromised due to someone else's professional negligence or mistake.

If possible, document the accident's aftermath

If you or a loved one has just been in an accident involving a truck and are waiting for emergency responders or law enforcement to arrive, it's a good idea to take a few moments, once everyone is safe, to record video or take photographs of the accident scene with your cellphone.

Once the scene has been cleared, the only point of reference for courts and law enforcement will be the accident report filed by law enforcement (possibly including photographs) and the testimony provided by witnesses. The best way to ensure that the scene is not misrepresented is to document the fallout yourself, if you are able. Taking physical, written notes about the events leading up to the accident can help as well.

Seek any necessary medical attention as soon as possible

Those who were injured should receive medical attention as soon as possible following the accident. However, immediate care for trauma injuries is often not the only requirement for those involved in a major vehicular accident. All too often, there will be ongoing expenses, from physical and occupational therapy and surgeries to psychological counseling for post traumatic stress or survivor's guilt, if there was a fatality.

Large trucks are responsible for a significant percentage of annual vehicular injuries, and these accidents should be taken very seriously.

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney to advocate for you

As the expenses involved with the fallout of the accident build up, insurance companies may begin playing games, passing responsibility back and forth for months before determining who should actually pay. Your medical bills won't wait for all of that to be settled.

It's critical that you speak with an attorney, who can advise you on the best way to proceed, and what, if any, recourse is available to you following the accident. An attorney can also help influence insurance providers to pay in a timely manner and can help your family recover financially from an otherwise life-altering accident. Don't wait! Schedule an initial consultation as soon as possible.

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