4 ways you can spot a distracted driver

Even with cities and states across the country passing ordinances and laws about cellphone use and driving, it seems that every day there is a story in the news about a car accident due to distracted driving. The reality is that texting and talking are not the only causes of distracted driving. Any kind of multitasking that goes on behind the wheel can cause a driver to be distracted. Even in the second it takes to adjust the thermostat settings, a tragic accident can occur.

While it might be impossible to determine what another driver is doing while cruising through the Little Rock area, there are signs you can watch for that might point to a distracted driver.

Veering away from center

If the car ahead of you is veering away from the center of the lane, chances are good that person is doing something other than paying attention to the road. Take this as a sign that you should keep your distance and make sure there is plenty of space between your vehicle and the distracted driver's.

Erratic braking

When a driver is not focusing on the road ahead, the brake lights of the cars in front could come as a sudden surprise, causing the distracted driver to slam on the brakes. The distracted driver might not be able to avoid rear-ending the next car in front, but if you keep your distance in the rear, you can avoid becoming involved in the wreck.

Lingering at intersections

Sometimes, people decide to check their text messages, change the radio station, or do some other task while sitting at a stop light. If the light turns green and the driver lingers too long, take this as a sign of distraction. It is likely that if the driver did not finish the task, he or she might continue with it after accelerating. Again, keep your distance from this driver.

Headphones in use

If you see a driver wearing headphones, this person could be using the hands-free option on his or her cellphone. Even while using the hands-free mode, there are many things that require touch, such as changing the song, dialing a phone number, or initiating the option in the first place. This person is multitasking while driving and should be avoided.

While the above tips can help you spot a distracted driver, it is impossible to avoid every dangerous driver on the road. If you become the victim of a distracted driver, you may be able to take legal action to recover the cost of your injuries and the damage to your vehicle.

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