Rear end crashes can devastate victims — but are preventable

Serious car crashes devastate the victims and can make life after the accident very difficult. Some accidents are more common than others, so drivers should make sure that they aren't doing anything that might contribute to one occurring.

One common type of accident is a rear-end crash. These can lead to specific injuries, but are easily prevented if drivers just pay attention. Here are some points that all drivers should remember about rear-end crashes:

Proper vehicle maintenance is the key

Keeping your vehicle in good shape is the key to avoiding rear end crashes. All drivers need to make sure the brake lights on the rear of their vehicles are working. These help to alert drivers to the fact that a vehicle ahead is slowing for a stop.

Drivers also need to ensure the brakes on their vehicle are working properly and that they are leaving themselves plenty of room to stop. Semitruck drivers have to pay close attention to the brakes on their big rigs because it will take much longer for them to stop when the brakes are hot than when they are cooler.

Traffic jams are commonly associated with rear end crashes

Traffic jams, such as those that occur on Interstates 30 and 40, are particularly troublesome for Little Rock drivers and others passing through the area. Vehicles usually don't have enough room to stop if someone hits the brakes suddenly in front of them. The drivers don't have a way to avoid hitting the car ahead because they might be boxed into their lane.

When people are driving in a traffic jam, or even on the open road, all drivers need to make sure that they take the actions of other drivers and the flow of traffic into account. This can help them avoid slamming into someone due to misjudging the speed or distance of the vehicle.

Fatigued and distracted drivers might lead to these accidents

All drivers have to be sure that they aren't getting distracted while they drive and that they are only driving when they are fully awake. Being fatigued or distracted could mean that the driver doesn't react fast enough to vehicles ahead slowing down and stopping, which could lead to rear-end collisions.

People who are injured in a rear-end crash often suffer from soft tissue injuries like whiplash. Other injuries, including those to the spinal cord and brain, are also possible. These victims might decide to pursue compensation from the driver who hit them from behind after one of these crashes.

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