Putting a stop to all forms of distracted driving

Often when people think of distracted driving, they conjure up images of irresponsible people with no regard for others' safety on the road. However, the reality is that almost everyone engages in distracted driving to one degree or another at some point.

Distracted driving is not always reckless behavior. It is any act, behavior or circumstance that draws your attention away from the road and from driving. This could be your screaming baby in the back seat, or it could be your navigation system malfunctioning. Whatever the reason, distracted driving has the potential to cause dangerous situations on the road. This is why it is vital that you learn more about how to minimize distracted driving in order to be safer while driving.

Understand the different types of distracted driving

Assuming that cellphone use is the only form of distracted driving would be a mistake. There is a large focus on how cellphone use affects driving safety at present, and it is statistically the main reason why drivers do not pay attention to the road.

However, so many other behaviors constitute distracted driving. Eating, switching music, attending to children, applying makeup and reading also can severely affect attention on the road, and these behaviors must be stopped in addition to cellphone use.

Make sure that you are driving while in the right frame of mind

Your emotions and your mood can actually affect your ability to drive safely in a significant way. Make sure that you are not feeling angry or upset before getting behind the wheel. Just taking some minutes to calm yourself down before starting the car can mean that you will be driving more safely as a result. Research has shown that negative emotions can increase your risk of being involved in a crash by 10 times.

Take rests on long journeys

Fatigue, both physical and mental, can contribute to distracted driving. Tiredness can affect your ability to concentrate, therefore it is important to take breaks on long journeys.

If you have been involved in a car crash and you believe that distracted driving was a contributing factor, it is important to take action in defending yourself.

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