Keeping your kids safe during car journeys

Most American families travel in their cars every day. Cars can be a key form of transportation for suburban and rural families, making it possible for them to get to the grocery store, the shopping mall and their child's school. But there are certain risks associated with traveling in the car.

For children ages 3 and 14, the most common reason for unintentional injury-related deaths is car accidents. This means that taking steps to ensure your child's safety in the car is paramount. The following are some fundamental ways that you can increase your child's safety when driving in the car.

Use child safety seats

Safe Kids USA have determined that a child should remain in a child safety seat until they are between the ages of 8 and 12, are 57 inches tall and weigh between 80 and 100 pounds. Many children stop using car seats and booster seats before they are ready, and this can put them at a higher risk of becoming injured if they are involved in a car accident.

Consider the impact of airbags on child safety

Airbags inflate with an adequate force to save an adult's life. However, infants who are in rear-facing child safety seats could become seriously injured as a result of airbags. If the airbag hits their head or neck, serious or fatal injuries could result.

Never leave your child unattended in a vehicle

Many parents leave their child in the car while they quickly pick up groceries or when they know that they will not be very long. However, leaving a child unattended in a car for even a short amount of time can be dangerous. Hot or cold temperatures can build up inside cars quickly.

Give children something to keep them entertained

When parents behind the wheel become distracted by their children, this can increase the likelihood of a collision. By making sure that children have toys to play with during the journey, there is less chance that the driver will become distracted by arguments or tension taking place in the back seat.

If your family has recently become involved in a car accident, make sure that you have filed to get the damages that you deserve.

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