Settlement offers for child injuries are often far too low

As a parent who wants what is best for their child, you already know that motor vehicles are one of the biggest risks for children in our modern world. Injuries related to motor vehicle crashes remain a leading cause of preventable fatality in the United States for children of all ages, as well as a major risk for serious injury.

Being extra cautious when your children are in the vehicle with you and making sure they are in the right kind of safety restraints can do a lot to improve your family's safety. Still, even the best parent can't completely mitigate environmental risk factors.

In the event that you do wind up in a crash, you will want to do what is best for your children. While focusing on your kids instead of on money is important to their recovery, don't make mistakes with your insurance claim that could financially impact your family for years.

Children may need treatment for longer to fully recover

Your children are still growing, which means that they may quickly recover from injuries that take adults longer to heal from. You might imagine that the injuries your child suffers in a car accident, whether it is a bump on the head or a broken leg, will heal on their own relatively quickly.

While it is true that your child's body is an incredible machine that can and will repair itself, the injuries that children suffer can also have a more lasting effect on them because they occur while the body is still growing. That broken leg, for example, could result in problems for your child as they grow. The leg could grow unevenly or improperly if there was damage to the growth plate.

For injuries that leave behind disfiguring wounds and scars, a single cosmetic surgery may not be enough to address the issue. Children with severe injuries and burns may require ongoing care until they finish growing many years from now.

Make sure you consider future expenses when considering a settlement

If the insurance company brings a lump-sum settlement offer related to your child's injury, you will likely consider it carefully. What you may not consider is the potential for future expenses because of this injury.

Your family could wind up paying for many years to come because of an injury your child suffered in a crash caused by another driver. Do your best to factor in estimated future medical expenses when determining if a settlement is fair.

If it isn't, be ready to counter the offer with a more reasonable amount. In some cases, you may even need to go to court to secure the compensation you need given the severity of the injury and the cost of treatment.

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