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What to do if you are involved in an accident with a truck

Car accidents happen. They are a leading cause of injury and death across the country, and when there is a substantial discrepancy between the size of the vehicles involved, the risk of severe injury or death for those in the smaller vehicle increases.

Feds mandate electronic logging of driving hours for truckers

New rules about how commercial bus and truck drivers record their hours spent on the road released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mark the entry of regulations into the digital age. In an effort to control trucker fatigue, authorities have required drivers in Arkansas and elsewhere to maintain paper logs of their hours behind the wheel since the 1930s. Safety advocates, however, have long criticized the failings of paper records, claiming they are easy to alter if an accident investigation takes place.

New technology could prevent some semi-truck accidents

Arkansas drivers may have been stuck behind slow-moving semi-trucks before, and those who have might welcome a new innovation by Samsung although some believe it may never actually hit the highways. In Argentina, where traffic accidents and two-lane highways are common, the electronics company has developed a prototype semi-truck with four large screens on its back. These screens display video via a wireless camera showing a driver trailing it what the road looks like ahead of the semi-truck.

Hours of service regulations for Arkansas commercial drivers

The hours that a commercial driver is allowed to be behind the wheel are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, with different restrictions on those carrying passengers versus those transporting goods. These hours of service rules are in place in order to help ensure the safety of others traveling on the road around commercial drivers, as well as of any passengers that they may be transporting.

Large truck accident statistics

Many people in Arkansas are injured, sometimes fatally, in accidents involving large trucks every year. Because of the potential hazards large trucks can pose to other motorists due to their size and weight, the commercial trucking industry is highly regulated. Even given the extensive regulations governing the industry, however, many such accidents still occur.

Report: Trucker in Tracy Morgan accident was overworked, speeding

On June 7, actor-comedian Tracy Morgan was traveling on a limo bus with colleagues on their way home from a comedy show when a Walmart tractor trailer approached from behind and slammed into their vehicle, tossing it like a toy car.

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