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Two Killed in Head-On Collision

Last week, two men died after their vehicles collided head on. They were driving over the river bridge on Interstate 430. The more well-known victim, local radio host Gary Digiuseppe, was driving south over the river when the other driver was coming north over the river in the wrong lane. According to KATV, both cars caught fire and "both drivers were pronounced dead at the scene."

Is there a statute of limitations on wrongful death claims?

Arkansas residents might benefit learning more about how much time people are afforded to file a wrongful death claim after an accident has occurred. Being aware of the local statute of limitations may prove to be essential in making any legal claim for the death. Establishing the period when the statute of limitations begins for these types of cases is often associated with the discovery rule.

Arkansas teenager dies in hill jumping accident

On Aug. 4, an 18-year-old man was killed in Saline County in what was described as a 'hill jumping" accident. The teenager was reportedly a passenger in an 18-year-old friend's Ford F-150 when the friend attempted to perform a stunt. Following the accident, the deceased teen's father told a local reporter that he hopes other thrill seekers will learn from the accident and make smarter decisions.

OSHA issues warning about cell phone tower safety

The proliferation of cell phone subscribers in the last decade may be a boon for mobile service providers, but it has an unfortunate underside that many people do not know about. Workers on cell towers have been injured and killed at alarming rates, according to recent report by FRONTLINE. The Investigators for PBS found that the number of fatal accidents stemming from falls from cell towers was more than any other construction industry site. It was discovered that nearly half of all construction site fatalities between 2003 and 2011 were attributable to workers falling from cell towers. 

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