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Breast biopsies can be difficult to interpret

A newly published study says that pathologists have difficulty diagnosing breast biopsies in cases of pre-cancerous conditions. Arkansas women might not realize that this could lead to either inadequate or too-aggressive treatment. The findings have led experts in the field to advise that women get second opinions if they are diagnosed with atypical hyperplasia or ductal carcinoma in situ.

Study shows discrepancy in recording drunk driving deaths

A new study has revealed that drunk driving is causing seven times more deaths than have been recorded by state and local authorities. The researchers looked at state and local death certificates for cases where one cause of death was an alcohol-related crash, and found that the number was dramatically lower than that reported by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, which gathers information from police reports. The disconnect between the two may be confusing to many who think that the process should be more contiguous. However, death certificates are produced within days of a fatal accident, often before test results can come back with definitive information about the sobriety of the driver.

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