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Report: Trucker in Tracy Morgan accident was overworked, speeding

On June 7, actor-comedian Tracy Morgan was traveling on a limo bus with colleagues on their way home from a comedy show when a Walmart tractor trailer approached from behind and slammed into their vehicle, tossing it like a toy car.

Study shows discrepancy in recording drunk driving deaths

A new study has revealed that drunk driving is causing seven times more deaths than have been recorded by state and local authorities. The researchers looked at state and local death certificates for cases where one cause of death was an alcohol-related crash, and found that the number was dramatically lower than that reported by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, which gathers information from police reports. The disconnect between the two may be confusing to many who think that the process should be more contiguous. However, death certificates are produced within days of a fatal accident, often before test results can come back with definitive information about the sobriety of the driver.

OSHA issues warning about cell phone tower safety

The proliferation of cell phone subscribers in the last decade may be a boon for mobile service providers, but it has an unfortunate underside that many people do not know about. Workers on cell towers have been injured and killed at alarming rates, according to recent report by FRONTLINE. The Investigators for PBS found that the number of fatal accidents stemming from falls from cell towers was more than any other construction industry site. It was discovered that nearly half of all construction site fatalities between 2003 and 2011 were attributable to workers falling from cell towers. 

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